So for many, many years I have struggled with body image. I have been at every range imaginable, literally! I have constantly felt like I need to be on a diet, exercising, meal prepping etc to fit and look better in clothes. It was a daily tape that would go over in my head.  Those negative messages effected my mood, impacted how I saw myself as a whole and I felt it often defined me. Yet I know I'm so much more. A&D has helped me to feel confidant! I openly share my size to other women looking at clothing. Something I would NEVER have done! Often times because they are saying "oh that won't fit me". But it will!!!!! These clothes make my inside match up with my outside that I didn't believe before. I am beautiful, confidant, strong and so many more things and so are each of you and every woman we interact with. Agnes & Dora is more than a clothing company. It is a community that uplifts, empowers, and encourages us to be our authentic self! Love this company and all it stands for!!